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Payment Solution For Your Website

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Payment Service PayPal Stripe   Express Checkout Payments Standard Payments Pro   Monthly Fee $0 $0 $30 / month $0 Features Add PayPal to your existing web checkout. Sell to customers who are more likely to pay with PayPal. Accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. Keep [...]

Installing Avada

By |2016-07-20T21:25:04+00:00July 20th, 2016|Tutorials, Website Development, WordPress|

Go to Sign in (upper right-hand corner) Hover over your signin name and go to Downloads Download License certificate & purchase code (text) Hover over your signin name and go to Settings API keys (to the left) Create an API Key  (Any label will do) You'll want to enter your signin [...]

Content Checklist for Website

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Give some thought about a sales pitch you can deliver in 2 seconds or less. If you can squeeze into this why you're better than the competition, that's all the better. Give some thought to what you want the viewer to do next. Consider giving the viewer options. [...]

Creating a WordPress Website

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Option 1:  Use Hammock Registration & Hammock Hosting The quick and easy but somewhat more pricey route is to register your domain name at ($19/year) and then set up a hosting account at ($16/mo) If I see this come through, I'll go ahead and link the domain name [...]

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