I used to think that maintenance contracts were a rip-off. I've changed my mind.

I’ve run across a few too many sites lately that have gotten hacked and will be expensive to fix or are broken beyond repair.  Restoring backups can remedy this, but if the probalem is not caught in time, backups don’t help.  Sites get hacked primarily because of WordPress Plugins that are not updated regularly.  67% of hacks are through Plugins.  Keeping Plugins to a minimum and keeping them updated helps.  Hackers love sites in which the Plugins haven’t been updated in a long time.  Updates are often to plug security issues.  And by not getting updating, a site leaves the door wide open to getting hacked.  Most hacks involve using the server to send spam, and that gives the server a bad reputation.  

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What are the causes of sites getting hacked?


That’s why it’s important to keep plugins updated regularly and only use plugins that are well maintained by their developer.

If you’re hands-on with your site, always look for the update number at the top of your Dashboard.  WordPress update icon Make sure you get this number down to zero and keep it there.  If you’re not hands-on with your site, then it’s worth considering a maintenance plan.  It’s cheaper than rebuilding your site.  Maintenance plans include keeping things updated, security scans, and additional back ups.  

Neglect Is Not An Option.

There are Four Options:

1. Update Service

We’re now offering an update service that provides weekly monitoring and updating of Plugins, WordPress, and Themes. 


2. Update Service Plus Security Scan

Monitoring and updating of Plugins, WordPress, and Themes plus running a security scan every three days.


3. Update, Security Scan, and Extended Backups.

Monitoring and updating of Plugins, WordPress, and Themes plus running a security scan every three days plus additional backups.  The current backups on the server are “Daily, Weekly, Monthly.”  But when the Monthly backup is overwritten, the Weekly backup becomes the earliest backup.  This is a problem if you don’t catch a problem within one week.  We offer additional backups that are executed every other day and kept for 90 days.  


4. Self Monitoring

You can assume the responsibility for regularly monitoring Plugins, WordPress, and Themes, security against hacks, and additional backups if desired.


5. Neglect

Sorry, that’s not an option.  This is for your safety.


Please choose one of the Four Options below.