Building a web site is a 4-step process: 1.) Register a domain name. 2.) Set up a hosting account. 3.) Build the web site. (Preferably with WordPress.) 4.) Market the site.

#1 Register a Domain Name

The first step is to register a domain name.  Ideally, you should pick a domain name that includes the words someone will use to search for your business.  Domain names cost around $10-37/year.  You can register your domain name through me at  It’s a bit pricey at $19/year.  If you register through Hammock Registration, you domain name will be automatically configured to point to my server.  And if you ever lose your username/password, you can just give me a call.  (Note:  Please read my article on the Google Keyword Toolbefore you buy a domain name.   This will help you choose the best domain name for your business.)

#2 Setting up a Web Site Hosting Account

Your web site is a collection of files that reside on a web server, a computer that makes files available to view throughout the World Wide Web.  You will need to set up a web site hosting account.  I recommend a host that offers cPanel as a control panel.  cPanel makes it very easy to manage your email, backup your site, and all the other administrative things that go along with having a web site.  This runs on average $10/month.  You can host your site with me at   It’s a bit pricey at $16/mo.  But then you get me along with the deal.

#3 Building the Web Site

I recommend using WordPress to build your site.  WordPress is online site building software that is a rare combination of incredibly easy to use, and extremely flexible.  There are thousands of themes to change the look of the site, and thousands of plugins to add functionality to the site.  If you’re hosting through, I install WordPress for you at no charge.

#4 Getting on the First Page of Google

This is the holy grail.  There’s no free and quick way to make this happen.  I recommend reading What it Takes To Rank Well on Google.  In a nutshell, for any search phrase for which you want to rank well, you need lots of content about that search phrase–also called keywords or keyphrase.  And this information needs to be structured correctly.  But first you need the content.