Option 1:  Use Hammock Registration & Hammock Hosting

  1. The quick and easy but somewhat more pricey route is to register your domain name at
    www.hammock-registration.com ($19/year)
  2. and then set up a hosting account at
    www.hammock-hosting.com ($16/mo)

If I see this come through, I’ll go ahead and link the domain name to my server, install WordPress and some of my favorite Plugins, and set you up as a User.

Option 2:  Use another Registrar & Website Hosting Company

  1. Register with any other registrar. They all do the same thing.
  2. Open an account with any web host. The one thing I’d look for is a host that offers plain, vanilla cPanel as a control panel for your hosting account. Many claim to offer cPanel but sometimes it’s highly modified. Anything other than the plain cPanel makes it that much more difficult to use. cPanel is simple–one page with everything you need including a button to install WordPress. Here’s a video I found on YouTube about cPanel. https://youtu.be/q2Q3Ry4G21M?t=53s
  3. Enter the DNS info you get from your host with your registrar. That connects your domain name to the hosting account.
  4. Then, in Cpanel, click on the install WordPress button. Be sure to install in the root directly as opposed to a folder called /wp which is often the default.