• Give some thought about a sales pitch you can deliver in 2 seconds or less. If you can squeeze into this why you’re better than the competition, that’s all the better.
  • Give some thought to what you want the viewer to do next. Consider giving the viewer options. This is called a presumptive sales close. It’s good to bypass the yes/no question and jump straight to the either/or question.
  • Compile images for the website and upload them to something like DropBox, Google Drive, or other file sharing site. All else equal, images in their original format and original largest size are best. For logos, the original vector format is best.
  • Here’s where you submit the content for the various pages of your website. If you’re submitting a Word document, here’s how to proceed. Each page should have the following:
    -Page title (ideally with important keywords)
    -Filename of image(s) to go on this page. (Do not put images in the Word document. Please send them separately.)
    -The content with as little formatting as possible. The viewer should be able to read the first paragraph of a page and get the overall message.

    Pages might include the following:
    ? Contact Us
    ? About Us
    ? Case Studies
    ? Services
    ? Why we’re the best
    ? Testimonials
    ? Resources
    ? and so on…

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