1. Paste as Text – click on the toolbar icon that looks like a clipboard with the letter T on it.  If you don’t see that, click on the Toolbar Toggle icon to display the 2nd row of buttons.
  2. Keep formatting simple.
  3. Don’t do any local formatting.  Even though the editor has buttons for font color, justification, underlining, and so on, don’t use any of them.  Bold, Italics, ordered list, unordered list are okay.
  4. Save images to your hard drive, and then insert them into Posts and Pages.  (As opposed to copying the <img src=”http://olddomainname.com”> code into the new site.)
  5. Use Fusion Shortcodes for formatting.
  6. Headings should be done with the Paragraph, H1, H2, H3 on the toolbar.
  7. If you see any extraneous formatting, for example, <span style=”stuff’>… </span> be sure to repaste as text to strip all that out.  Unless there’s a good reason for it being there.
  8. Justify images to the left. (usually)
  9. Never Center Justify text.
  10. Tables:  Tables should be copied over not as text and then converted to Fusion Shortcode table.  (Ask me about then when you do it.)
  11. What am I forgetting?  : )