Zoho Problems when trying to modify displays or customize fields

I’m having all sorts of problems with Zoho.  Here’s what I mean:

zoho error-editing-lead-layout

I’ve tried different computer.  I’ve tried different browsers.  I’ve tried using different ISPs.  Same same.  

Zoho error messages when submitting support ticket

Then I tried contacting support.  I filled out the following ticket:

User ID: 286569

I can’t make any modifications or customize anything. I’ll show you what I mean: https://youtu.be/v5A-4bbwwrU This video is set to unlisted, so no one will see it but you. Do I need to upgrade to be able to make changes? If so, the error messages should tell me so. I’m happy to upgrade if that’s what I need. I really need a CRM that works.

I’ve tried this from two different computers using different browsers using different ISPs. Same result.



After I filled out a ticket I got the following:

zoho problems


Zoho problems with trying to upgrade

So I tried upgrading so I could get phone support.  I got an error message for both credit card and PayPal payments.  

Zoho errors when trying to export data

So I tried exporting my data so I could switch to https://jhammock.bitrix24.com/crm/lead/widget/ and I got an error message.

Zoho, please HELP!

I really need help here.  This is the second time I’ve had these kind of problems.  

Scott See
+1 509-493-2296