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A born-and-bred New Yorker, Scott lives in White Salmon, WA nestled in the Cascade Mountains. Scott's background includes working in advertising in New York City, as Captain of a 47' sailboat, and as Executive Director of a trade association. Truth be known, he'd rather be snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Website Sales Process

By |2016-12-05T02:00:38+00:00December 5th, 2016|Personal|

Goal To sell one or more of the following: (in order of potential revenue) Building a website from the ground up. Converting a website to WordPress. Updating a website so it accomplishes the company's goals better. Search Engine Optimization Website Maintenance (Updates, Security, Backups) Hosting WordPress training Process Lead Generation [...]

Web Designer Examples: Jewelery Store in Hood River, OR #1 in Google.

By |2016-11-29T22:09:16+00:00November 29th, 2016|Hood River Website Development|

This website is a great example of using Avada, my favorite WordPress Theme, and WooCommerce, the most popular shopping cart Plugin for WordPress.  Chris Strader has done an exceptional job of adding lots of content that is all keyword rich, and that makes Google happy.  

Zoho gives me error messages for just about everything.

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Zoho Problems when trying to modify displays or customize fields I'm having all sorts of problems with Zoho.  Here's what I mean: I've tried different computer.  I've tried different browsers.  I've tried using different ISPs.  Same same.   Zoho error messages when submitting support ticket Then I tried contacting support. [...]

Email Alternatives

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First of all, I'd like to apologize if you're having troubles with your email.  I know when email stops working, life (business) comes to a screeching halt, and I feel bad about that.  What's happening is some sites are not being updated frequently (WordPress, Plugins, and Themes) and hackers [...]

Installing Avada

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Go to Sign in (upper right-hand corner) Hover over your signin name and go to Downloads Download License certificate & purchase code (text) Hover over your signin name and go to Settings API keys (to the left) Create an API Key  (Any label will do) You'll want to enter your signin [...]