At about the time Dominique was born, I conceived a single goal as a father.  My single goal was that Dominique would reach the point where she could throw a dart at a world map and be able to say with confidence, “I could get there.”   I truly believe she has reached that point.  My one and only goal as a father is fulfilled, and I can not begin to tell you how much joy that brings me.  For Dominique to have that kind of confidence means all doors are open to her, there are no insurmountable obstacles, and there is nothing to intimidate her.  Once while in Tokyo, she bought something at Takashimaya, a department store near the hotel at which she was staying.  She decided that one of her purchases was a mistake, so she went back to the department store and returned it.  Sounds simple enough, except that this just isn’t done in Japan.  And, it’s also something that’s not easily done with little command of the language.  This goal, of course, is about traveling the world, which she is comfortable with, but it’s also about life.  She is well prepared for life, and she continues to prove that with each and every accomplishment.