There are two ways to access webmail.  If the first technique doesn’t work, try the second.

  1. Go to
  2. Cancel the pop up prompting you to login (you may not get this pop up window)
  3. In the next window, login to your email account with your full email address as your username.  You should see webmail in this screen.
  4. Click on Horde
  5. Click on the + (plus sign) by Mail to expand or just click on Inbox.
  1. Go to or
  2. Login with your cpanel username & password
  3. Click on webmail-icon.  If you don’t see this, click on Email Accounts and to the right of the email account you want to access, you’ll see “More” that has a link to Webmail.
  4. Click on Go To Webmail Login
  5. Select Horde
  6. Click on the + (plus sign) by Mail to expand or just click on Inbox.

If you get a security warning from your browser, it’s okay to continue.  We are using only self signed ssl certificate on the server.  cPanel use a type of certificate known as a self-signed certificate. Self-signed certificates work exactly like a certificate purchased through an SSL Certificate Authority, except that they are NOT signed by a Certificate Authority. Instead they are signed by our server; hence the term “self-signed”. That is the only difference. Apart from that, the encrypted connection using a self-signed certificate is as secure as any other SSL connection. Browsers assume that a site that uses an ssl certificate that has been verified by a certificate authority is safer than a site that does not. That is why you are getting the warning while accessing whm,cpanel,webmail,etc. You can safely ignore this warning and proceed further.