Domain Name Registration

A domain name is your website address,, for example, is my domain name.

You register a domain name through a Registrar. for example.   It’s kind of like getting a toll-free 800 number from the phone company.  The 800 number rings to a phone, and is really just serves to direct calls to the right phone.  A domain name just serves to direct web traffic to your website which is hosted on a website hosting server.

Website Hosting

A website hosting account is where all your files reside.  A website is just a collection of files.  These files are the pages and images that make up your site.

The domain name points to all these files.  The hosting account provides a place to live for all your pages and images.  It’s like the phone the toll-free 800 number to which your phone rings.  Website hosting accounts come with email.  Generally, you can have as many email addresses as you like.  You will also get a control panel in which you can do things like set up email accounts and check to see information about traffic your site is getting.  The best hosting control panel is cPanel.  It’s simple and does not burden you with endless, annoying sales pitches and upsells.  Simple is good.