The following information should be included with export pricing.

  • Units/Case
  • Cases/Master Carton (if used)
  • Cases (or Master Cartons) / pallet


  • Price for one Case or Master Carton
  • Price for one pallet’s worth
  • Price for multiple pallets  (LCL, less than container load)
  • Price for 20′ container
  • Price for 40′ container

Please make your “mix & match” policy crystal clear.  When you say the price is $10 for quantities over 1,000, can the 1,000 pieces be different colors/styles/products and so on.  Any ambiguity here will lead to much frustration and can derail a project.


  • Shipping location and postal code for cases
  • Shipping location and postal code for pallets
  • Shipping location and postal code for containers


  • Terms for cases, e.g. FOB, ExWorks, or other
  • Terms for pallets
  • Terms for containers  gives a good description.  FOB is a terms that’s usually misused.  It means you’ll deliver goods onto the ship.